Meet the Founders of foodGEVITY

Janet Verney

Janet E. Verney, CHC

As The Wellness Designer, Janet specializes in interior “health” makeovers.  In her book, ROOTS2Wellness, she shares her inspiring journey from the depths of dis-ease to a life of vibrant wellness. Janet practices Collective Medicine utilizing her methodology “Unearth, Weed, Nourish, Bloom”, transforming one life at a time.  She believes in the magic of miracles, the goodness in others, the power of action, and the healing power of love, lifestyle, & good food.

Janet is certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has served in various leadership roles in both education and biotechnology.  She is an author, speaker, chef, certified integrative health coach and co-founder of foodGEVITY, the exciting new online program that is igniting a Women’s Health Revolution across the globe. To learn more, visit roots2wellness.


"I will inspire you to live from a place of love, where true healing begins!

Are you settled under a rock, living from a place of fear?  I’ve been there and that rock is a heavy load to carry… In time the pain becomes unbearable and life loses its joy.  I have been in this dark place and can feel your pain.  There is a way out!

You can cultivate a new landscape from the inside out.  It’s a choice to be healthy, and with the right tools you will achieve vibrant health. 

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, Speaker, and Healthy Food Chef, I will educate you to take back your power, to unearth what is at the root of the problem, to weed out the obstacles keeping you from your desired goals, to nourish yourself with what works for you, and to bloom into the woman you are meant to be!"

- In wellness, with Love, Janet


Kathleen Mitchell

Kathleen Riley Mitchell, AFMC, RDH, CHHC, CFN

After 30-plus passionate years of working with her patients in Dentistry, Kathleen became a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. There she discovered her love of Functional Medicine, and continued her studies to become a Certified Functional Nutritionist. She supports her private clients with Functional Medicine through the lens of both lifestyle and nutrition.

Kathleen is a speaker, an educator and the author of upcoming book Illness to Wellness. In addition, she is the founder of the private coaching practice Nourish Your Needs and co-founder of foodGEVITY, the exciting new online program that is igniting a Women’s Health Revolution across the globe.


" I will teach you how to write a love letter to yourself; the one that your body needs to hear, in order to heal.”

If you are that woman that woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and no longer recognized who you saw standing there, or if you have been suffering in silence with symptoms, I know what you are feeling. I have been that woman. I have walked in your shoes.

If you are ready to take responsibility for your health and willing to do the work, foodGEVITY will help you create a personalized plan, so you can walk your way to wellness. 

As a Functional Medicine Nutritionist & Lifestyle Practitioner, I will lead you to discover both the “foods that feed you” (lifestyle) & the "foods on your fork” (nutrition) so you may bring your body back into balance. You have the power to get well, stay well, look good and feel good! "    

- Warmly, with love & laughter, Kathleen



What our foodGEVITY sisters have to say...

"Participating in the foodGEVITY program has been just the shot in the arm I needed to get back on track with self-care.  Janet and Kathleen inspire change instead of imposing guilt, so you WANT to incorporate what they suggest and find creative ways to do so.  I highly recommend every woman make the time and invest in themselves to explore this program. When you feel good, it shows! Thank you Janet and Kathleen for helping me get excited about exercising again, eating even better and so many other things."

Leslie K. H, CT

"Janet and Kathleen have created a program that feeds your body and soul!  It’s not just about the food but our overall health and well-being!  Janet and Kathleen are passionate about women’s wellness! This online program fits my schedule and at the same time I enjoy the group conversation, learning and heartfelt experiences that enriches my healthy lifestyle."

Joanne R, CT

"I have just listened to your video and read your pdf. One word...brilliant! It is clear that you are both passionate about what you do and have worked very hard to make foodGEVITY so very professional and comprehensive."

Joanna Q, Wales

As human beings, we get complacent, we get lazy, we forget to reach both inside and out for what we want and need in our lives. What I have loved, right from the beginning, with foodGEVITY is that you remind us to focus on ourselves, our needs, and you give us the tools to remind us that we need to work on ourselves, every day. Even if it is a few minutes, to ‘talk’ to ourselves, to feel the gratitude in a new day, to awaken ourselves to what is out there beyond our personal ‘bubble’ that can help us become a better part of the Universe. You remind us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to take the time for ourselves…to ”smell the roses” and breathe deeply of the Earth, the sky, everything that life offers us. And joining foodGEVITY will change each and every one of us, we will learn, we will grow, we will become a better, more fulfilled person in every way imaginable. What a wonderful gift to receive from you! This gradual 20-week journey will be one that I know I will never forget, not just what you have shared, but what you have awakened in me, and how it is changing the way I live and the way I think.

A quote that I recently found sort of puts into words what you and foodGEVITY have reminded me of: “I love the smell of the Earth, the touch of the waves, the taste of berries, the sight of trees, the sound of laughter, and the feeling of being fully alive.” Thank you for helping us remember to live more fully and take better care of ourselves so that we can enjoy our lives, our families and our careers the way we are meant to.

Marilyn D, CT

“I am so happy to be watching the videos and demo's each week. It supports me in reinforcing my commitment to eat and live in a healthy manner. And knowing that I can reach out to either of you at any time if I have questions.”

Susan M, NH

“Your constant contact, inspirational coaching and a space for self-reflection are helping me to make better food choices on a daily basis.”

Deborah T,  RI

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