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Our 20 Week Program:

The First Course


 The Foods that Feed You

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The First Course

The First Course is all about focusing on your LIFESTYLE, from a place of LOVE... Will feed you the powerful ingredients to live the life you dream of, to make desired changes, and to enhance what is already working well! 


Module One: Cultivate Positivity & Gratitude

The Thoughts That You Think: What kind of chatter is going on in your head?



Module Two: Be Resilient

Your Resilience: How’s your ability to bounce back when times get tough?



Module Three: Nurture Your Spirituality

Your Spiritual Practice: do you feel connected, grounded, supported?



Module Four: Live Your Purpose & Passion

Your Day-to-Day Work: Is it a grind or does it bring you joy?



Module Five: Prioritize Self Care

Your Self Care : How’s the level of love you set aside for yourself through your daily self-care?



Module Six: Rock Your Relationships

Your Relationships : Are they nurturing and supportive, or draining and depleting your energy?



Module Seven: Move Your Body

Your Activity Level : Are you taking the time to keep your body moving and feeling strong?



Module Eight: Enrich Your Finances

Your Financial Condition : Is money stressing you out or are you living in abundance?



Module Nine: Clear The Clutter

The “Stuff” In Your Life : Is it overwhelming you or soothing you?  Is it time to clear the clutter?


Nine Guest Speakers

There are Nine Modules in the first course, with Nine Guest Speakers (GET TO KNOW THEM HERE) each experts in their field! Each module will have a call to action to set you on your desired path, setting the stage for…


The Intermezzo


In preparation for The Second Course, we will deliver two modules:

Kitchen Essentials & A Pantry Makeover

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Module Ten: Kitchen Essentials

Having the right tools makes all the difference in the kitchen.


Module Eleven: Pantry Makeover

Clean out the old & bring in the new!


The Second Course


The Foods On Your Fork

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The Second Course

The Second Course delivers the latest information on nutrition and how to customize it to work for the one & only YOU! We will nourish you with Nine Modules, of just how to put the right kinds of Foods on Your Fork, starting with hydration and working our way all the way through to sweet endings. Join us in the kitchen for food-demos, great reads and oodles of recipes!



Module Twelve: Stay Happily Hydrated

It's way more than water
discover tasty teas, green juices, and infused waters to keep you happily hydrated.



Module Thirteen: Glow With Greens

We are not just talking spinach, Popeye
explore an array of glorious, leafy greens, their super phytonutrients, & the many ways to incorporate them into your day.



Module Fourteen: Consume a Rainbow of Color

This is not about consuming a bag of Skittles
discover nature’s bounty with a wide selection of fruits and veggies and many ways to prepare them for every meal.



Module Fifteen: Power-Up on Proteins

You don't have to be a body builder
discover (some of the best) unknown sources of protein & how to prepare them to keep you running at your best all day long. 



Module Sixteen: Nibble Nuts, Seeds, Legumes

It's more than birdseed
discover the variety of nuts, seeds, & legumes and how to prepare them for optimal health.



Module Seventeen: Sample Great Grains

Not all grains are created equal
discover the greatness of grains, some that are gluten free, and the many ways they can transform a meal.




Module Eighteen: Fire Up on Fueling Fats

Fat doesn't make us fat
discover which fats actually help you lose weight, keep your body fired-up, and promote a healthier you.



Module Nineteen: Savor Superfoods

What’s this superfood stuff all about?
discover the top, terrific superfoods that can be thrown in a smoothie, eaten as a snack, or used to enhance a meal.



Module Twenty: Indulge in Sweet Endings

Have your cake and eat it too…
discover a healthier way to indulge in a sweet treat without the guilt. 


Invest in Your Health. Invest in Yourself. 

  • This program is not one size fits all!  Customize & optimize what works for you!  foodGEVITY is schedule-friendly and designed to fit your busy life!  One module is released each week and can be done as it fits into your busy life. Our 20 week program is yours to revisit at anytime, with unlimited, unrestricted access to original program content.
  • Twenty modules in all.  Twenty power-packed weeks of information for a lasting transformation!  Includes a private, interactive FB group for foodGEVITY Sisters, plus four scheduled live group calls with Kathleen & Janet.
  • To create a sacred space for our foodGEVITY sisters, we have designed this program to be exclusively for women.

This program is for you if:  


You’re running on empty

You’re not lovin' your love handles

You’re suffering in silence with symptoms

You’re wrestling to create time for yourself

You’re struggling with where to start

You’re starved for some sistership 


Less Than $25 a Week to Reclaim Your Health

20 Week foodGEVITY® Program

Say YES to your Health!


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20 Week foodGEVITY Program
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Join us for the “First Bite” of foodGEVITY, the program that is igniting A Women’s Health Revolution across the globe! We invite you to discover what the Dis-ease Epidemic is all about and what lies at the root of the problem. Explore powerful ingredients to reclaim your health and begin your road to wellness!  Presented by your dedicated foodGEVITY founders, hosts, and cheffettes - Kathleen Mitchell and Janet Verney.